Online Poker Search on Google Surges During Coronavirus Pandemic

Online Poker Search on Google Surges During Coronavirus Pandemic – With majority of the world reeling with the coronavirus pandemic, people are looking for alternative options to unwind. A recent report from tech giant Google reveals that search for Online Poker have skyrocketed over the past few months.

The data suggests that the trend will continue as governments are still forcing people on lockdown to avoid spreading the virus. While this is a great news for online poker operators, the surge did not exactly surprise many. The surge is expected as people start to look for alternative means of entertainment.

A great time for online poker platforms

Prior to the pandemic, online poker is a relatively niche industry. Online poker, along with digital casinos, are relatively unknown outside of their user base. People tend to flock more into traditional casino and poker settings if they have the chance.

Now that majority of the world is in lockdown, people have more time to play video games. Not only that, because of social distancing protocols, casinos are forced to shut down their operations. For people looking for entertainment, the online platform is the only way.

Online poker operators report that they have seen a surge of player activities on their platforms in the past few months. Within a couple of weeks, search and online activities have surged by more than double digits.

It is here to say

Some governments are starting to ease up their restrictions in an attempt to get back to normalcy. Strict social distancing protocols and contact tracing methods are being implemented to at least limit the spread of the virus.

In some regions, casinos are starting to open up with strict social distancing measures being implemented. While this could mean a drop for online poker activities, many market analysts believe that the trend will be here to stay.

The spread of the coronavirus have allowed a lot of online platforms to finally have mainstream attention they deserve. Even the World Series of Poker is now considering launching an online tournament.

Representatives of World Series of Poker are currently waiting for regulatory approval from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. If granted with a license, the company can immediately go live. WSOP is reportedly working with the Harrah’s Philadelphia in acquiring a license to operate an online casino in the state.

The coronavirus pandemic is expected to have a long lasting effect to almost every aspect of daily life. As people are starting to embrace these changes, new forms of entertainment like online poker gclub will undoubtedly be here to stay.